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Membership Levels:

Individual - Active Membership 


Subscription period: 1 year 

Members within the State of Texas. TPSA offers members the opportunity to network with other members across the state and associates across the county. TPSA promotes education, legislation efforts to enhance the process service industry.

 Family - Active Membership


Subscription period: 1 year 

Individual membership & additional family member membership.
Family member must be a process server & both members must reside at the same residence. 

Follow the sign-up prompts to create your own profile then email to add the 2nd member.
Note "Family Membership" in subject line and email the following information to set up the 2nd persons membership profile:
Name, DOB, PSC & Expiration, Email address, Phone Number.

Why Become a Member of TPSA?

Quick background of Association, the industry and why it is important to get involved
  • We are all one voice, working to improve our working conditions, industry and safety.

TPSA is the oldest and largest state association in the country
  • Came together as 1 in 1999 North combined with South

  • TPSA has worked relentlessly to improve our industry, by influencing the perception of Process Server legislation. Setting standards for Professionalism, Standards and Ethics

In 2005 TPSA helped create the certification program under the TX Supreme Court (now JBCC).
  • The TX Supreme Court came to TPSA and said “How do we educate them?” So TPSA created a training program which was the model that was eventually used to modernize the program under the JBCC in 2015.
  • Prior to 2005 you could only serve papers under Rule 103. The Judge in the county where papers were issued from had to appoint individuals to serve those papers, EVERY paper!!
  • So Thank you TPSA for working for years to create a system where we are required to take classes and get certified with background checks. TPSA worked real hard to bring education into the industry. It is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

We are sanctioned by National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)

  • TPSA works closely with them as a Charter Association.     

NOTE: Process Servers are not representatives of the TX Supreme Court or Judicial Branch Certification Committee (JBCC)

  • Process Servers are certified by the JBCC under authority of the Texas Supreme Court.

Benefits for Members


We are the Grassroots for the Process Server Legislation and is why we were formed as an association and TPSA has been extremely and viciously involved since 2005 fighting for:
  • Certification Program

  • For you, the server, to be able to serve

  • To be recognized as industry and professional

  • We have a very strong lobbyist who believes in Process Service.

  • Lobbyists have represented us against Constables Association and others

  • We have to fight them every legislation either on the offensive and/or defensive as it relates to process service industry.

We can’t do this without you!!
  • WE have "Walk the Halls" to talk to various reps to try to get bills or laws passed or blocked.

  • We even send out email blasts to member to have the member send form letters or emails to these reps NOW. It gets their attention.


  • TPSA stays updated on laws, certification requirements, trending issues related to our industry, etc. keeping you, the member informed.

  • ID Card

  • Annual Convention with CE Training and Key Speakers

  • Search engine for clients looking for servers

  • Personal training, Initial Process Server class and CE hours

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • NAPPS recognizes TPSA members

  • Networking with other TPSA members

  • "Member's Only" section with a forum for discussion, various forms, TPSA merchandise (ie: Door Hangers), etc.

  • Call for assistance or questions if you are a member. We don’t offer this to all servers, just members

  • Being a member of a TPSA speaks loudly to clients

  • TPSA is working with paralegal associations throughout the state to drive them to our website for professional trained servers

  • Quarterly Regional Round Ups for some training and up to date information on TPSA, laws, or other pertinent data

  • Upcoming discounts. We are looking into group E&O, medical insurance, etc

  • There are more benefits to be announced SOON!!


Payments of membership dues to the TPSA may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary expense of your business; however, they are not deductible as a charitable contribution. A portion of these dues is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that TPSA engages in lobbying activities. In 2017, TPSA estimates the non-deductible portion to be 45%. Be sure to consult your tax advisor with any questions.