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Board of Director Elections 2018 

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Ernest McCoslin,  President Nominee:

I am the owner of Austin County Civil Process, been an active member of TPSA for 6 years and am the current Treasurer.  I bring years of leadership experience from my time engaged in other organizations.  

I am asking for your support as I run for the position of President.  My hope is that I, as President, will grow and unify our Assocation.  I believe we can have a unified voice, especially during the upcoming Legislative session in 2019, so that our industry can grow, become more professionalized, and offer process servers the much needed protection that is unique to our profession.

I look forward to working with both new and former board members as we streamline our Association goals and objectives.   My hope is to become one unified voice, to grow as an Association and accomplish all that we can to serve all of our members, both established and those yet to join.  Thank you for your support

Heather Maynard, Secretary Nominee

At the 2014 convention I was able to gain traction in becoming actively involved in the Association by declaring my interest in the convention committee.  Due to unforeseen issues, the convention committee chair was unable to complete her role and I accepted the committee chair and with the assistance and efforts of a team we were able to launch a new, exciting and very successful 2015 convention.

During the 2014 and 2015 years I become more involved while maintaining my convention committee chair.  Over these years it become apparent to me of the desire to become more involved and run for a chair on the board of directors. 

Elected as Secretary (non-opposed) in 2016 it has been my pleasure to support the TPSA Board of Directors and maintain my Convention Chair.  The Board set many goals and much progress, forward moving progress has been made to benefit our members.  We have many projects in progress at this point and it would be my pleasure to continue for an additional term as Secretary.

My professional background as a Profession Project Manager (PMP) will continue to be leverage to this position as well as my knowledge gained over the past two years. 

With great regard for the Texas Process Servers Association and its members, it would be my honor to run for a second term as Secretary.  

Andrew Garza, Vice-President Nominee

Hello my name is Andy Garza. For the past administration I have been serving as Vice President for the TPSA; as well as overseeing the Arbitration & Grievance Committee as Chairman. I have helped to return the focus of the Association to address member’s needs and making sure we regain our status as non-profit, as well as, identifying and streamlining our expenditures in many areas. This remaining Board hung in there and took a serious approach to make sure it was corrected with transparency, accountability, and integrity; growing our membership back to the levels it had in the beginning of respect. Leadership has to be progressive minded and experienced to continually evaluate the needs of the membership as a whole. When the Association began, I could see the focus was clear and they had definite directives to try to accomplish. But the tenures following them did not follow through with those objectives. The legislative struggles require better oversight to make sure our monies are spent wisely to make those needs a reality. I believe the Board today has the nucleus to better accomplish those goals.  Our profession is continually challenged and needs to evolve with better public acceptance of process servers as true legal professionals. I feel as a Board we need to continue to listen to what challenges the individual members are facing in growing their prospective businesses. In running for the position of Vice-President, I feel my background managing several nationwide litigation support businesses in operations has given me the experience to understand what our industry faces not just here in Texas but across the country. That experience also helped me to see the ineffectiveness and problems process servers face daily. It is those issues I feel that need to be addressed so our members feel they see value in their membership; and in their Board as a source of knowledge and empathy in helping those members grow their business. I intend to continue to help towards that goal.

For the past two years, I have served as Vice President for the TPSA; and A&G Chairman.  I feel I helped return the focus of the Association to address member’s needs, regain our not-for-profit status; and, identifying and streamlining our expenditures.  Our association must help meet server challenges by developing better public acceptance of them as true legal professionals and help grow their business  My background managing nationwide litigation support companies operations gives me insight to understand those challenges and help to address them so members will see value in their membership and continue to help towards that goal.

Carol Watson, Vice-President Nominee

I am the current owner of Resolute Services operating out of San Antonio, Tx.

We provide services in the areas of private process, court research, mobile notary and private investigation.  I am a current member of the Texas Process Server’s Association and the National Association of Professional Process Servers.  I have fifteen years of personal field experience in private process and previously held a Private Investigation License.  I have a strong background in managing, coaching and mentoring process servers in TRCP, client requirements, court interface, and effective business practices.  I have extensive experience in effective communication, public speaking, developing and conducting educational seminars, DISC behavioral styles and conflict resolution.

I am running for the position of Vice President of the TPSA because of my passion for this industry and my desire to be of service to the process servers of this great state. The TPSA has a rich history of working tirelessly to improve our industry. My goal is to build on our strengths and improve in areas where I feel we can do better.  I have a vision and a collaborative plan to move the TPSA forward. Some of the areas of focus are increasing benefits for our members, creating a platform for sharing ideas, improved communication, a strong and strategic legislative agenda, on-line education and workshops, as well as developing and strengthening relationships with businesses who support our industry.  There are so many things we can accomplish with a strong and focused association but we can’t do it without you and I can’t do it without your vote.

Carolina Meza, West Regional Director Nominee

My name is Carolina Meza. I am writing this letter to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I am from El Paso Texas. I am a licensed private investigator and a have been a certified process server since 2008. I have been a member of TPSA ever since I became a process server, and I am proud to say that the first class I ever took was in Austin with TPSA.

I worked for the El Paso County Courthouse for roughly nine years as a court manager/court administrator for a couple of Judges. I earned my bachelors from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2008 and shortly after I left my county job and started my business “Complete Civil Process”. During my time working at the County’s Courthouse I managed to meet numerous attorneys, judges and political entities. I managed to connect with many of them and as I entered this difficult industry in the process serving sector. I grew tremendously in a short period of time as I gained most of my client’s trust. I am well known for my honesty, my integrity and most definitely by my dedication and passion to this industry. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and the service I provide as a business. I continually look for ways to connect with those involved both locally and out of state. In order to accomplish this, I became a member of the Texas Process Server Association (TPSA), Nationwide Association for Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), National Association of Fugitive and Recovery Agents (NAFRA), Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas (ASSIST), and ASIS International- Association for Securities and Investigators (ASIS).

While working in this field I have encountered obstacles and struggles. Many of us know that working in this industry is difficult and many have encountered the same obstacles due to continuous evolving of the legal field. I agree with TPSA’s mission and believe that continuous education and training are extremely necessary and needs to be maintained in this sector. I also deeply believe in this association and how it looks after its members and the industry, and definitely believe that when members come together much can be accomplished. Moreover, I enjoy helping other servers and love to connect with them; I feel that instead of looking at each other as rivals or a competition in our business world of process service, we can instead come together and make this industry better for everybody. This is primarily the main reason why I considered joining the TPSA and why I became a member of the Board of Directors, because I believe a strong association needs strong members coming close and working together. Thank you for taking this time to get to know me. I look forward to working with you.

Diane Peirson, East Regional Director Nominee

My name is Diane Peirson.  I’m 75 years old, I’ve been in my current home 18 years.  I was born in Maine and have lived all over the country, including Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma & California.

Below is a list of current and past organizations and positions held:

  • ·        TPSA East Regional Director – Current
  • ·        Lone Star Republican Club President – Current
  • ·        Deer Park Chamber of Commerce Ambassador & Gov’t Affairs                  Committee – Current
  • ·        Precinct Chair & Election Judge – Current
  • ·        Volunteer Firefighter & EMT  - Past
  • ·        Sunset Heights Civic Assn. Secretary – Past
  • ·        Houston Homeowners Assn. Treasurer – Past
  • ·        Houston Police Advisory Committee Vice President – Past

Positions Available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership Director
  • Regional Directors

Eligibility:  MUST be in good standing of TPSA with minimal 2 years current membership.

Terms:  2 years

Directors:  If no one is elected, Directors can be appointed by the President


Declaration of Intent To Run For BOD 2018.pdf

Regional Directors:  Current Regions

  • Central 
  • East 
  • North 
  • North East
  • South
  • West

Regional Directors:  Proposed Regions

  • North East 
  • North  
  • North West 
  • Panhandle
  • Central 
  • West 
  • South 
  • Gulfcoast
Proposed BELOW:  


The President is the Association’s chief executive officer. 
He or she will:

  • Supervise and control all of the Association’s business and affairs.
  • Will preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board.
  • The President may execute any deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts, or other instruments that the Board authorizes to be executed. However, the President may not execute instruments on the Association’s behalf if this power is expressly delegated to another officer or agent of the Association by the Board, these Bylaws, or statute.
  • The President will perform other duties prescribed by the Board
    and all duties incident to the office of President


The Vice President will:

  • When the President is absent, cannot act, or refuses to act, the Vice President will perform the President’s duties.
  • When acting in the President’s place, the Vice President has all the powers of and is subject to all the restrictions on the President.
  • If there is more than one Vice President, the Vice Presidents will act for the President in the order of appointment.
  •  A Vice President will perform other duties as assigned by the President or Board.


The Treasurer will:

  • Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all the Association’s funds and securities.
  • Receive and give receipts for moneys due and payable to the Association from any source.
  • Deposit all moneys in the Association’s name in banks, trust companies,
    or other depositories as the Bylaws provide or as the Board or President directs.
  • Write checks and disburse funds to discharge the Association’s obligations. However, funds may not be drawn from the Association or its accounts for amounts greater than $750 without the signature of the President or a Vice President in addition to that of the Treasurer.
  • Maintain the Association’s financial books and records.
  • Prepare financial reports at least annually.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President or the Board.
  • If the Board requires, give a bond for faithfully discharging his or her duties in a sum and with a surety as determined by the Board.
  • Perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer.


The Secretary will:

  • Give all notices as provided in the bylaws or required by law.
  • Take minutes of the meetings of the members and the Board and keep the minutes as part of the Association records.
  • Maintain custody of the corporate records and seal.
  • Affix the corporate seal to all documents as authorized.
  • Keep a register of the mailing address of each member, director, officer, and employee of the Association.
  • Perform duties as assigned by the President or the Board.
  • Perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary.


OPEN:  NorthEast, North, Central, South

The Regional Director will:

  • Attend all membership and Board meetings.
  • Must provide article for quarterly Newsletter.
  • Must hold quarterly member’s regional meetings.
  • Must provide volunteers for all training classes held in your region and must attend as well.
  • Must maintain a list of volunteers (seasoned members in your region) for the Ride Along Program and respond to requests for a ride along in a timely manner.
  • Perform duties as assigned by the President or the Board.


The Membership Director will:

  • Maintain a list of active members in the Association.
  • Update and maintain current information of membership bios on the web as well as produce a hard copy of the directory for each member.
  • Publish all prospective members’ names for consideration of membership.
  • Handle any objections to membership from members about a prospective member.
  • Notify new members that they have been accepted into the membership..
  • Perform duties as assigned by the President or the Board.

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