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Banding Together to Protect and Preserve the Process Service Industry

Benefits of Membership


TPSA was a key factor in establishing the Certified Process Server Training per Texas Supreme Courts request. 

We need you to join TPSA to help us continue to approach legislation for new bills AND to also defend the Process Server Industry.

As a process server, you may not be aware of the importance of this benefit, but without our lobbyist and TPSA continued support of the certified program, laws affecting the industry, etc., many opponents may overrule and overtake the private process server industry.

TPSA needs you to join so we can continue to be on the offense and defense of legislative bills that affect our industry.  

Join Us Today: (click here)

For $125, you benefit 

  • Legislation, protecting and improving Process Server Industry
  • Up To Date in Person Training
  • Annual Convention
  • Networking
  • Resource for your questions 
  • Prospective clients search TPSA website for Professional Process servers to meet their needs

Help Lines

The Information Help Line is available to help members with things like:

- Dos and don'ts of serving

- Filling out returns

- Creating affidavits

- Ways to market a business

- Competitive pricing

- Field/situational advice

The Legal Help Line is available to members who have a possible criminal problem such as:

- Assault

- Trespassing

- A shooting

- Any legal question arising from serving process

Referral Program

TPSA Members who opt-in for the Referral Program guarantee these rates when exchanging services with other opted-in TPSA Members.

- $50 in-county standard servicefee

-$10 each additional paper to the same defendant

- $5 rush fee

- $5 additional fee for military bases

- $0.30 per page printing fees

Members choose to opt-in by selecting yes or no in the Referral Program Opt-in field in their member profiles.


TPSA is always looking for new ways to drive new clients to our website.  Our unique search feature makes it easy for visitors to find a process server where ever they need one.

Members are encourages to login to our website where they can update their profiles, ad a business logo, or even upload photos.  It's important to keep all contact information up-to-date.

The TPSA Logo is available to members to place on their own websites and link back to the TPSA Home page.  This helps drive traffic to us all.

Identification Card

TPSA issues every member an I.D. Card approved by the Texas Supreme Court.

Ask your Regional Director, the Membership Director, or the TPSA Administrator how you can get one issued to you!

NMC - National Motor Club

TPSA is a proud sponsor of the National Motor Club (NMC).  They provide many benefits to TPSA members:

           - Free towing within 150 miles          - Emergency gasoline          - Emergency jump-start          - Lock-out/Locksmith

             - Free tire changes          - Discounts on lodging, Nation-wide          - $200 to pay Attorney fees for traffic violations

          - Hospital benefits for car accidents, up to 400 days at $150/day           - $10,000 to beneficiary if death by car accident

There is an additional fee to register with the NMC, but it has been discounted for members of TPSA.  

Click on the NMC logo below to register your account today!

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